Comprehensive Service

What sets Wilson Kibler apart is our seamless and comprehensive ability to serve our clients in all facets of commercial property investment. There often isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and we pride ourselves on our strategic and forward-looking approach.  Whether you’re a property owner, investor, potential tenant, or developer, we have the resources on hand to help you achieve your real estate goals. 

Long Term Focus

We see ourselves as an extension of your team with a focus on providing long-term value with excellent real estate services.

Buyer Representation

The Right Property

Your physical presence is a concrete reflection of your brand.  Most importantly, real estate impacts your bottom line. The right property creates operational efficiencies resulting in tangible cost savings.  We believe the key to acquiring the right property is working with a partner who truly understands your strategic goals and objectives and has the resources, knowledge, and experience to identify, analyze, and negotiate a successful acquisition.

Our Buyer Representation services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive market surveys that fit your criteria
  • Coordinating property tours
  • Analyzing the costs/benefits of purchasing versus leasing
  • Preparing and submitting requests for proposals (RFPs) and letters of intent (LOIs)
  • Providing market valuation information
  • Negotiating purchase terms and conditions
  • Coordinating due diligence requirements

Seller Representation

Maximum Value

We know that your real estate assets are a significant investment of your capital and that’s why we seek the maximum disposition value for our clients.  Wilson Kibler represents owners of commercial properties by assisting in the analysis of property valuation and – for investment properties – the preparation of cash flow presentations, both actual and projected.

Additional Seller Representation Services Include:

  • Creating a comprehensive marketing and sales plan
  • Evaluating property and making recommendations
  • Providing sales comp information
  • Conducting market analysis including competitive property data
  • Providing financial analysis
  • Evaluating proposals and offers
  • Negotiating sales terms and purchase agreements
  • Monitoring buyer due diligence
  • Coordinating property closing

Landlord Representation

Maximizing Value

Ensuring optimal financial performance while maximizing the value of your real estate assets requires commitment, efficiency, and integrity. At Wilson Kibler, we have professionals with the right skills and contacts to achieve your goals.  We provide the market knowledge, insight and innovative transactional skills to enhance the value of your real estate assets.

Our Landlord Representation services include:

  • Creating comprehensive marketing and leasing plans
  • Conducting market analyses, including competitive property data
  • Writing lease proposals
  • Analyzing proposals/offers
  • Negotiating lease terms
  • Obtaining construction cost estimates
  • Providing financial analyses

Tenant Representation

Goal-Oriented Partnership

Your physical presence is a tangible reflection of your brand.  The key to finding the right space is working with a partner who really understands your strategic goals and can offer recommendations that achieve a favorable outcome aligned with those goals.

  • Defining your requirements, budget, and timeline
  • Understanding your space needs, budget, timeline, location considerations, and desired amenities
  • Developing a real estate plan that best fits your personal objectives, including:
    • Conducting comprehensive market surveys based on your criteria
    • Coordinating property tours
    • Preparing and submitting requests for proposals (RFPs)
    • Analyzing proposals
    • Negotiating lease terms
Focus on Success

Our extensive network gives you the inside track to the opportunities that are best aligned with your real estate goals.  Our proven record of success will free you from worrying about the details of an opening or relocation so you are able to focus on your business’s continued success.

Investment Property Brokerage

Investment Property Brokerage

Wilson Kibler brings a myriad of comprehensive services to the table to create opportunities for added value and improved performance of assets. Regardless of investment strategies, Wilson Kibler can help you achieve your commercial real estate goals. Working with everything from large commercial and industrial complexes to medical facilities, our experts put their experience to work to identify assets and acquire properties tailored to your investment needs.

  • Our Investment Property Brokerage Services include:
  • Asset Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Property Valuation
  • Consulting Services
  • Financial & Investment Analysis

Commercial Property Management

Proactive Management

The investment performance of your real estate assets is significantly impacted by how well your property is managed and leased.  At Wilson Kibler, our experienced professionals pride themselves on managing your commercial real estate assets as if they were their own. We provide superior customer service to your tenants and proactive management to create and maintain long-term value, while constantly striving to meet the long- and short-term needs of both the owner and tenant.

Our Property Management services include: 

  • Managing office, industrial, retail properties
  • Providing accounting services and lease administration
  • Monitoring real estate taxes and assisting with appeals
  • Providing property accounting and financial reporting

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Residential Rental Services

Reliable Residential Management

Wilson Kibler Residential Services specializes in managing multi-family properties with 2 to 150 units as well as portfolios of single-family homes. Our leasing, accounting, and maintenance teams provide best-in-class service to our clients and customers.

Our residential property management services include:

  • Property Marketing
  • Market & Rate Analyses
  • Property Maintenance
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Tenant Screening & Selection
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting Services

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